Zineb’s Journey

A young brother and sister flee their homeland, Morocco, in hopes of a better future. Their situation becomes deadly when they run out of resources on their trip.

Zineb’s Journey is a drama in the Arabic language. This short is different from what most american’s would normally see because it’s shot specifically for a middle-eastern audience, an audience that typically holds very different set of values from western civilization. Justice is more important than mercy, and shame can be a burden so severe that some families would kill their daughter if she were raped. And while Christianity might not be illegal, it is typically another thing to be embarrassed and ashamed for because it’s thought of as sinful and depraved as they behold America to be. Also their method of escaping the country is a very common method of illegal immigration and is very dangerous, but the risk seems worth it to the more desperate people Morocco. Bear these things in mind when watching this film.

Project Details

Date: 04/09/2011

Film Lighting
Video Production